Protecting Okhla Bird Sanctuary, Photographer Anand Arya

Purple Sunbird (click on the image to visit the preservation Petition)

Kind Friends,

    These photographs were taken by photographer Anand Arya at the Okhla Bird Park & Wild Life Sanctuary in India.

This Sanctuary, home to almost 400 species and some 25,000 plus birds at peak migration, is now threatened by adjacent construction. Anand Arya and a colleague have filed a petition with the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, New Delhi, to preserve the sanctuary.

They need the support of all who care.

    This is a particularly well thought out, intelligently composed and informative petition.

    The numbers are modest so far, friends; I believe we might actually make a difference in the preservation of this place, glorious and fragile. I would urge -- nay, beg -- everyone to take a moment and sign Anand's petition at:

Protect Okhla Bird Sanctuary

    Damage to a place such as this is a tragedy indeed.

Greater Flamingos (click on the image to visit Anand Arya's own website)