Carnotaurus head

Carnotaurus head, prototype for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History's model dinosaur line.

Carnotaurus head, then underway in Kato Polyclay. For the Carnegie Collection, produced by Safari, Ltd. This photo is considerably enlarged. Note: the teeth had to be deliberately blunted, to satisfy toy safety regulations. Though to my mind, a serious bite seemed improbable!

Off in Dinosaur Land...

A Kato Polyclay prototype: Thank you, gentle Friends, for continuing to visit me despite my ongoing addled state.  I want to announce that I'm home in Rhode Island, but I'm still not, alas. Yet your kind thoughts (and, bless you, purchases) have brought me far closer!
For the moment, though, I'm still floating in Colorado limbo with a bizarre mix of prehistoric life forms and faeries.  More anon, and the very best of early Spring to us all, Forest

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In 1987 the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, launched its model dinosaur line, “The Carnegie Collection”. I’ve worked with them since the beginning of that series, creating each creature with the guidance of the Carnegie’s experts, and learning a great deal the process. This is Caudipteryx, first the polymer clay original, with two painted resin prototypes below. Needless to say, we have some leeway on the colour, though we try to refer to appropriate living species. I use either Kato Polyclay or Classic Fimo for these models, with inset glass-bead eyes.

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