I cannot say.

I cannot say anything about the oil bleeding and vomiting into the Gulf of Mexico, because I cannot say enough.

How much unwitnessed suffering of bird and animal and fish, oil in the small eye, oil on the ruined wing, wild nests gone and gone. How much loss for the people on the shore, and in their fishing boats.


Detail, "Raising Morning" by Lou Rogers, my mother.

The Wendigo

Wendigo by Lou Rogers, my mother. Oil on canvas.
A hungry wind was crying ‘round the house last night in bitter cold, tearing the skin off the snow.  It put me in mind of this image. My mother painted her vision of the Wendigo at least twice, and I knew its name when I was very small. Her favorite tale of the Wendigo was the literary one by Algernon Blackwood. The Wendigo is a legendary being of Algonquian-speaking cultures. Its name appears in various forms: Windiga, Witiko, Weendigo...

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My Mother's White Whale

"White Whale" by Lou Rogers. My mother painted this when I was quite small; it's one of the images I remember best, growing up. Happily  it is still with me. I hang it again today.  My mother loved Moby Dick, and spent a good bit of time in high school limping, being Captain Ahab. All her life she pursued the numinous. The solitude in her work speaks not of loneliness but of relationship with the vast and transcendental.

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The Odd things...

...that squeeze the heart:  I was sorting all manner of things today, and found a loose, bright orange 'post-it' note wandering the drifts of paper.  Upon it my departed mother had written, in capital letters:

What the label was for, I know not. But that was the mark of my mother, and no mistake. We'll see if I come across the Being, as well.

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'He is not Here'

'He is not Here' by Lou Rogers.  Oil on canvas.

Thank you, kind and faithful Friends, for sticking with me through this time. I'm
hoping to have a memorial show of my mother's work in Boulder, Colorado,
September 14th 2007, at the Myriad Gallery. This must be finalized, but that's my aim.

Soon I should be posting more images of my own creatures, too.

My best to you all,

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