Marginalia, underway

Kato Polyclay with wood, paper, copper foil, gold leaf and silk ribbon.

I love the playfulness and endless invention of marginalia that climb and wriggle about the edges of medieval manuscripts. So, since I had a wee head awaiting a body (or equivalent thereof) I thought I would play likewise...

White Deer Marginalia

Little Mermaid, again...

Still on the year's Carnegie Dinosaur toy prototypes.  Alas, I cannot show them to you yet. Safari, the company producing them, very much wants the subjects to remain a surprise until they are released for public consumption. But thereafter, I’ll post some in progress images, and further develop the Carnegie Museum Dino page.  Meantime, here’s the Little Mermaid. You likely saw her before, but...  I aim to do more with Hans C. Andersen tales over the next while.