Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 04:40 PM

Friends, Kind  and Patient:
I am  embroiled in the horrid process of moving... back from Rhode
Island to Colorado, again. A strange year indeed, going on two strange
years.  More when my brain does surface. I trust it will... it has gone into  hiding. Meantime, a thought from one of my favorite writers of strange stories:

"I care about the literary art, and I know
exactly what the Ancients meant by 'the promptings of the Muse'.
The stories which I consider to be my most successful came to me as if
dictated...  The true ghost story is akin to poetry:  only in
part is it a conscious construction, and when the Muse does not speak,
you cannot write it."

                              ~  "An Essay" by Robert Aickman  1914 - 1981

To my mind, Robert Aickman was one of the very few writers to capture the genuine strangeness of dream;  insinuating, inevitable and obscure.