Election Day 2008...

    It is my hope that Tuesday’s extraordinary events will make manifest a victory of hope over fear and, ultimately, unity over division. May it be a new era for us all. This I dare and venture to believe.

    Mindful of the entangled problems that await President Elect Obama, his administration and us all, let us, please let us now set aside differences. I believe we have elected a man of superb intellect and heartfelt compassion, and the road lies before us.

    One thing I consider beyond doubt: the election of our first African-American president is a profound step toward healing those most bitter, most
shameful and still aching wounds that have torn the history of our nation.

    I cried to see it.

"Therefore let not thy heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. Believe in Me and put thy trust in My mercy. When thou thinkest thyself far removed from Me, I am often the nearer. When thou reckonest that almost all is lost, then often is greater opportunity of gain at hand.”

                                 ~ Thomas à Kempis,   The Imitation of Christ