For Critters’ Sake

While I think of it, an afflicted pigeon reminded me of some simple
critter-saving practices -- likely you know them as well as I do, but just in case:

a. When disposing of plastic bags, be sure and tie them in a knot
(or two or three). This helps prevent them from blowing over some nest or
burrow, trapping wee critters inside or suffocating or entangling

b. When disposing of those plastic ring holders from six-packs of
whatever, cut the rings so nobody can put its neck or limb through the loops
& come to a bitter end.

c. String -- or that sinister dental floss -- can get wrapped around
a bird’s leg and cause it to become gangrenous. I suspect this may
have been the case with a pigeon who, alas, escaped my efforts
the other day on the street. Exceedingly distressing.  I now either cut
string waste into bits or tie it firm & close on itself in such a way that
no little toothpick legs are endangered.

Our smallest actions may prevent bitter suffering; a thing both wonderful
and daunting.