Available Work

Kind Visitors, I’ll be posting available work below, as it comes to fruition. I’ll also announce new pieces to my e-mail list, and in the ‘Social’ realms.

Thanks for your interest! :)

Green Faun

Friends, here is a green and leafy Faun, hoping to find his way home. He is sculpted in Japanese air-dry clay, with mulberry papier-mâché. His bones are brass rod, aluminum and stainless steel wire. He’s tinted with translucent acrylic paints and inks, and his greens are more subtle that I was able to catch with my camera, or so I think. He has glimmering touches of iridescent gold, and warm tones emerging in cheeks and horns, and peeping from beneath his leaves. He stands about 16” tall, to the highest horn-tip.

$925. plus $55. shipping within the United States (I’m happy to ship overseas, but it’s likely a bit more — just drop me a line!) If you’d like to purchase him, this bright yellow button will take you to PayPal:

Sold! This happy creature has found his home (thank you, G.W.!). Thank so much for your interest, Friends!

Thank you for your interest! And, a few larger images below:

Thanks so much!