The Morrigan

Friends, so sorry to have been blog-neglectful! I aim to mend my ways in 2016.  Here's the Morrigan, Celtic battle goddess, shape-shifting phantom queen. She just got lucky and won the popular vote competition for Infected By Art (IBA) Volume 4. Thank you, everyone who participated!! So honored. There is a great deal ofastonishing work to see at Infected By Art, and the book will be incredible!

The Morrigan, mixed-media, about 19" tall.


An old Selkie. Rather, an old picture of a young Selkie -- done perhaps ten years ago. Ink, watercolor pencil,  with unorthodox (even uncouth) use of watercolor.  Arches Hot Press paper, off a block, Caran D'Ache watercolor pencils, which are great if you favor drawing over painting, but desire colour. 

I aim to do some more Selkies, in two and three dimensions.

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